Put Money To Work

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My plan for lifelong financial security is so simple (yet powerful), I can sum it up in just a few words: Put Money To Work

Put Money To Work

Affiliate Resources

Thank you for joining the Edward Lomax Affiliate Program.

Make sure to whitelist contact@putmoneytowork.com to get future emails from us. (We’ll give you heads up on promotions, new marketing material and new product offerings… so you can make more commissions).

We want you to know that for us, running an affiliate program is not an afterthought. Everything we do here is designed to produce the best products for our customers as well as help our affiliates make more money.

We Value Our Customers
& We Value Our Affiliates

      >>We have a great product that actually helps people and does what it claims.
      >>We follow up with our list on your behalf to help you get the commission, even if they don’t purchase on the first visit.
      >>We will continue to produce content and more products to give you more opportunities to earn.

In short, we view this as a true collaboration. We would rather spend our time producing great products than driving traffic on our own. This is why we NEED you.

Our success only happens if YOU succeed and make money.

So, let’s get to work.

Your Affiliate Link

As you know, our affiliate program is run through SendOwl.

Step 1: To access your account, get your affiliate link and check stats, login here:
Step 2: Access the affiliate program:
Step 3: Go to the affiliate links page:
Step 4: Get your affiliate link:
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Your link will look like this:

(This is not your affiliate link – get yours from your SendOwl account)

You can use this link to send people to our website and get commissions if they purchase.

Step 5: Get your link out there:
   >>Use this link on your website/blog
   >>Use this link in emails
   >>Use this link on Social Media

The more you get your affiliate link out there, the more traffic you send to us, the more sales you make… and the more commissions you earn!

To Your Wealth,
Edward Lomax