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Put Money To Work

Crypto Profits Blast Off

Demystify The Cryptocurrency Market
Simple Investment Strategies
Crypto Signals You Can Follow In Real Life

From The Desk Of Edward Lomax,
RE: Profiting from the Cryptocurrency Market…

The Cryptocurrency Market, while a relatively new opportunity to accumulate wealth, is shaping up to be a market with tremendous growth potential. Unfortunately, “new” often means “scary” for people looking to put their money to work.

But profiting from the Cryptocurrency Market might be easier than you think.

Crypto Profits Blast Off takes the mystery out of the Cryptocurrency Market, explains simple to follow investment strategies and sends easy to follow Crypto Signals directly to your Inbox once a day… so you can get off the sidelines and participate with confidence in this explosive market.

Wrap Your Head Around Cryptocurrency

The first step to profiting from the Cryptocurrency Market is to create a working knowledge of what it is. You don’t need to become an expert on Cryptocurrency or even understand all the technological issues.

You simply need to understand Cryptocurrency in simple terms.

In the Bitcoin Primer section, we focus on the first, best known and arguably most popular Cryptocurrency… BITCOIN.

Bitcoin is the obvious starting point on your Cryptocurrency journey. By the end of this section, Bitcoin (and the Cryptocurrency Market in general), will no longer be a mystery.

Profit Method #1:
Cryptocurrency Investing Made Easy

Participating in the Cryptocurrency Market does not have to be hard, time consuming or stressful. As a matter of fact, we’ll explore two ways that are incredibly simple to implement, don’t require a lot of startup capital and provide extraordinary profit potential.


The price of Bitcoin, and other popular Cryptocurrencies, have been on the rise overall over the long term. So, you can profit just by buying some Crypto and holding it to sell at a later date.

I got my Dad to buy some Bitcoin back when it was around $4,000 a coin. At the time of writing this Bitcoin price is over $40,000. (Happy Dad).

Dollar Cost Averaging

On the most basic level, Dollar Cost Averaging is when you simply buy a certain dollar amount of Crypto on a schedule, regardless of the price.

If the market continues to rise, the average price you spend on Crypto should be lower than the future price… the difference being your profit.

This is a safer method because you are not locked into buying a huge sum at one price, can spread your investments over time and can start investing with a small amount of money.

So, you see, profiting from the Cryptocurrency Market (and we are talking potentially HUGE profits here), does not have to be complex and complicated.

It can be as simple as buying some Crypto and holding on to it… or buying small amounts of Crypto on a schedule over time.

I’ll teach you the safest way to store Crypto and the easiest way to buy it.

Profit Method #2:
Trading The BTCUSD ETHUSD Currency Pairs

Did you know you can profit from the Cryptocurrency Market without actually buying any Crypto?

Many Forex brokers these days allow you to trade currency pairs with a Cryptocurrency as one of the pairs. For example the BTCUSD (Bitcoin VS US Dollar) and ETHUSD (Ethereum VS US Dollar).

If your broker account is funded in US dollars… your profits trading these pairs are in US dollars. See how you can profit from the Cryptocurrency market without owning or buying any Crypto?

And the great news is you don’t have to learn to trade Crypto on your own… I’ll send Crypto Signals directly to your Inbox.

How “Crypto Signals Blast Off” Works

Duplicating high profit potential Crypto signals WITHOUT missed trades or mismanaged trades might be easier than you think.

Step 1: Receive The Signals Email
Crypto Signals are sent to your Inbox
between 5 PM and 5:20 PM New York Time (7 Days A Week)
Step 2: Follow The Instructions

The signal email includes links to chart snapshots
with the trading instructions written directly on the chart.

Use The Provided Tools To Make Trading The Signals Even Easier

BUY & SELL SCRIPTS: Use these scripts to simplify placing buy and sell trades with the proper lot size, stop loss and take profit levels and avoid mistakes.
New Signals Delivery Option: Telegram

We have added the option to get signals sent to Telegram (a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed). Any time anything happens on my trading accounts… you’ll get a message.

I feel this is an excellent Early Warning System informing you when to expect trade instructions in the signal email… or that you may need to take action on your account.

Profit Method #3:
Increase Your Bitcoin Holdings Through Trading

This is my favorite and most powerful strategy yet.

When you open a broker account, you choose the base currency of the account. It is now possible to choose Bitcoin as your base currency with some brokers.

This means when you trade the account successfully… your profits are in Bitcoin.

Here is how it works…

     -Buy some Bitcoin
     -Fund your broker account with Bitcoin
     -Trade the account for Bitcoin profits
     -Increase the amount of Bitcoin you have

Just think about how powerful this profit method is…

     -You can start with a small amount of Bitcoin
     -You can increase the amount of Bitcoin you have through trading
    -And if Bitcoin price rises (which I expect it will)... YOU’LL HAVE MORE BITCOIN WHICH MEANS MORE PROFITS

This really is a way to increase your profit potential exponentially. Instead of just buying and holding Bitcoin, you are buying and GROWING Bitcoin. So, if price increases you are not only profiting by the price increase... but by having MORE Bitcoin as well.

2 Ways To Implement This Powerful Strategy

As a PMTW Full Access Pass member, you have two ways to grow your Bitcoin holdings through trading:

     -Forex Signals Blast Off
     -Crypto Signals Blast Off

Simply trade your Bitcoin funded trading accounts using the easy to follow signals sent to your Inbox… and combine Bitcoin investing WITH trading to grow your Bitcoin holdings to new heights and dramatically increase your profit potential.

“Crypto Profits Blast Off” Puts
Your Money To Work With High Profit Potential

Join other Cryptocurrency investors and traders taking control of their financial futures by tapping into the extraordinary profit potential of the Crypto market

No Long Learning Curve
100% Rule Based Strategy
Only 1 Minute A Trading Day
Extraordinary Profit Potential
Crypto Profits Blast Off is now part of the PMTW All Access Pass…


High profit potential ways to put money to work… all under one roof!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start getting the signals emails?
Inside the PMTW Member’s Area, go to the Crypto Profits Blast Off section and sign up to the signals list with the email you want to receive the signals. You will immediately be added to the list and receive your first email at the next scheduled trading time.
What is trading time?

The Crypto signals come out between 5 PM and 5:20 PM New York time. Full instructions on the specifics of trading the signals are provided in the training material you’ll receive inside the member’s area.

What do I need to trade Crypto Profits Blast Off?
In order to trade Crypto Profits Blast Off you’ll need a broker account and trading platform to place the trades plus a subscription to our service and email address to receive the signals emails. Make sure your broker provides trading for the BTCUSD and ETHUSD currency pairs.
Will there be trading activities to perform every day?
Not necessarily. We are trading off the Daily charts and have to wait for the proper trade setups. Plus, once in a trade, we have to wait for the market to move in order to manage the trades. Some days there will be nothing to do.
Will I win every trade?
Of course not. It is impossible to win every Crypto trade, no matter what you’ve been told. But the good news is, you don’t need to win every trade to be highly profitable… especially with the risk to reward ratios we are using and the currency pairs we are trading.

To Your Wealth,

Edward Lomax