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The Synergy Between Forex Market, Strategy And Trader

The Synergy Between Forex Market, Strategy & Trader Is The Often Overlooked Bird's Eye View That Starts Your Successful Trading Journey Off On The Right Foot

There is an important concept you must understand if you want to succeed speculating the Forex market for profit. And unfortunately, this simple concept is often overlooked, sending new traders down a path that never leads to success.

And that concept is the synergy between the Forex Market, the Strategy and the Trader.The Synergy Between Forex Market, Strategy And Trader

"Synergy" is the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions, etc.

Basically, the whole is greater than the sum of each of the parts.

Success speculating the Forex market (being profitable over the long term), is synergistic. There is not just one thing to learn and apply in order to be profitable.

There are multiple moving parts that need to come together in order to get the desired result… which is more money in your trading account than when you started.

Too many people get started in the Forex market thinking there is only one thing that will be responsible for their success. And in most cases, that "one thing" manifests itself as the perfect trading strategy.

They think, "If I can only find the perfect trading strategy, I don't need to worry about anything else". 

After all, if your plan is to win every trade, you don't need to worry yourself with pesky things like market movement, money management and trader psychology.

But that approach is just not realistic. It is important you understand something right from the start...

There is no perfect trading strategy: I'm sorry to be the one to tell you, but the perfect trading strategy does not exist.  You cannot win every trade you place, it is just not possible.

To search for a trading strategy that wins all the time is a fool's errand.

There is no trading trick: Many people think there is a trick they can use to gain an unfair advantage over the markets. They look for a loophole to siphon money from the markets instead of learning how to become a systematic, profitable trader.

There are no tricks, and even if you were to find one, it would not work for long before the market would change and make it obsolete.

There is no trading secret: Many would-be traders, especially when starting out, think there is some secret the big players know that they keep from the small, retail trader. They think if someone would just tell them the secret, they could take a shortcut to success and skip the process all successful traders go through.

There is no secret… only smart trading practices.

The truth is, 3 different elements must come together synergistically in order for you to be successful.

Those 3 elements are:

  • The Forex Market
  • The Trading Strategy
  • The Trader

The Forex Market is necessary because it is the biggest financial market where you will be speculating for profit. But you do not control it. On its own it is just a market, and not going to grow your account just by existing.

The Trading Strategy is the systematic approach you use to gain an edge over the market, put the odds in your favor and find potentially profitable trading opportunities.  And as I stated before, there is no perfect trading strategy that is going to allow you to win all the time. The strategy, on its own, is just how you plan to participate in the currency markets.

The Trader, YOU, is how the trading strategy gets applied to the Forex market. You need to be able to apply your trading strategy in the LIVE markets as close to perfect as possible when real money is on the line. And for most people trying to profit in the Forex markets, this is the hardest part of all.

As you can see, each element is nothing on its own.

  • The market is just the market.  
  • The strategy is just a strategy.  
  • And you are just you.  

But when the market, the strategy and your ability to trade the strategy perfectly combine, it has the synergistic effect of creating one of the most profitable wealth building opportunities on the planet.

It is important you realize the concept of synergy as you take the first steps on your Forex trading journey.  Profiting in the Forex market is the result of multiple elements coming together in harmony. Some of these elements you can control, and some you cannot… but all 3 are important and necessary.

The Surfer Analogy

In order to better understand the synergistic relationship between the Forex market, the trading strategy and the trader I think an analogy is in order.

Think of it this way…

  • The Forex Market = The Ocean
  • The Trading Strategy = The Surfboard
  • The Trader = The Surfer
  The concept of Synergy  

The ocean is huge and uncontrollable, just like the Forex market. The surfboard is a tool, just like the trading strategy. And the surfer uses the surfboard to interact with the ocean, just like the trader uses the trading strategy to interact with the market.

If your goal is to surf the waves, all components must work together.

  • The ocean needs to produce big, surfable waves.
  • The surfboard needs to be designed to aid the surfer interact with the waves.
  • And the surfer needs to understand both the ocean and the surfboard as well as have the experience necessary to successfully surf the waves.

This is a very simplistic view of what you’ll be doing as an Forex trader in search of profits.

You’ll be expected to create a synergistic relationship between the market, the strategy and you in order to produce a successful result.

It is important you take a synergistic view of the market, the strategy and your role as trader.

The market is not out to get you. The strategy is just a tool. And your role is to trade the strategy as perfectly as possible in a wild and uncontrollable environment.

Tips For Creating The Perfect Synergistic Relationship For Trading The Forex Market Profitably

  1. Look for markets to trade that historically produce big moves (waves).
  2. Use a trading approach that is strategically designed to catch those big moves.
  3. Simplify your trading activities so you can trade perfectly in the live markets over the long term.

My entire trading approach is designed to combine the synergistic relationship between the market, strategy and trader that leads to faster wealth accumulation, multiple income streams and a secure financial future.

Furthermore, all my trading resources are designed to help others follow this synergistic path that leads to trading success.

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