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Forex Signals Blast Off +102.17% Profits In 115 Days

Doubling your Forex trading accounts and getting 100% gains is an important milestone for any Forex trader. There is something exciting, significant and meaningful about the round number 100 that hits you emotionally.

Forex Signals Blast Off Partial Profits Portfolio has reached +102.17% profits in 115 days in 2022. This accomplishment is even more striking because these results were made trading only 4 currency pairs in just minutes a day.

Let’s go over these performance results in a little more detail…

Forex Signals Blast Off +102.17% Profits On MyFXBook

As a Forex signals provider, I know potential subscribers are skeptical. How do they know the performance we are reporting is really what is going on?

The first reason my results are believable is because of the way the Forex signals are delivered. Since I am trading only once a day, at the close of the daily candle, and sharing my chart snapshots with my subscribers… there is really no way to fake these results.

But I know being able to see my trades with your own eyes alone is not enough for skeptical traders looking for a Forex signals service. So, I’ve hooked my live trading account up to MyFXBook, a 3rd party account verification platform.

+102.17% profits

OK, what are we looking at here? I trade Forex Signals Blast Off Partial Profits Signals on 4 currency pairs (GBPJPY, GBPUSD, GBPAUD and EURJPY). Each currency pair is traded on a separate account, and all the accounts together are the portfolio.

You can see from the snapshot each of the different accounts and the results for 2022. And you can also see the portfolio has reached +102.17 profits.

To say the least, I’m very happy with the trading results.

Can Forex Signals Subscribers Get Similar Results?

I think this is a very valid question.

After all, there are a lot of Forex signals services out there that are impossible to trade properly. If you are getting signals and trade management instructions any time day or night, you are going to have missed and mismanaged trades.

However, here at Put Money To Work, we have made every effort to make sure our subscribers can follow the signals properly.


The Forex signals email comes out at the same time every day. I send out the Forex signals email between 6 PM and 6:20 PM New York time. This means there should be no reason for missed or mismanaged trades.

The Forex signals email contains links to chart snapshots.
As I showed above, each signal is shown directly on the charts. The signal follower can see the instructions and what is happening on my charts to make sure they know what to do.

I provide the same trade management tool I use to subscribers. I use a trade management tool called The Forex Trading Troll to perform some of the trade management activities on autopilot. I give this tool with Presets so subscribers can trade the signals exactly like I do.

So you see, it is very easy to follow Forex Signals Blast Off signals, and it only takes a few minutes a day. Plus, with the trade management tool, some of the trade management activities can be automated, which makes the signals even easier to trade properly.

How Long Before The Portfolio Doubles Again?

I’d be lying to you if I said I knew the answer to this question.

What I do know is I am going to continue to trade my trading strategy and take only the best, high probability setups
. This is what allowed me to get +102.17% profits in 115 days in the first place.

How fast the account doubles again is impossible to know. It depends on a lot of factors. After all, we can only take the profits the market gives us when it wants to give it to us.

But I do know I’m going to keep trading in this fashion over the long term in my quest to secure my financial future by striving to beat other investment opportunities.

I am very satisfied with my trading approach and the gains this simple way of trading the Forex market can achieve. If you want to learn more about my trading approach, check out the Free Forex Training I provide.


If you want to see a detailed explanation of how I am trading Forex for huge potential gains, check out this blog post:  Forex Or Crypto?  Discover How To Easily Combine Forex And Crypto For Explosive Growth Potential In Only Minutes A Day


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