Put Money To Work

The Wealthy Don’t Live Paycheck To Paycheck… And Neither Should You!

My plan for lifelong financial security is so simple (yet powerful), I can sum it up in just a few words: Put Money To Work

Put Money To Work

How “PMTW Forex Trading” Puts The Odds In Your Favor
With High Profit Potential So You Can
Accumulate Wealth Faster And Make Up For Lost Time

Trading Based On Strategic, Time Tested Trading Approach

Focus On Risk To Reward And Trading Currency Pairs With Big Moves

Created For At-Home Traders With Little Time

From The Desk Of Edward Lomax
RE: Extraordinary Profit Potential

I’ve identified Forex trading as a way to put money to work with extraordinary profit potential. (And the great news… the way I do it isn’t hard or time consuming).

Maybe you’ve never heard of Forex trading. Maybe you heard it was “hard”. Or, maybe you even tried trading Forex before and failed. So, how are you going to succeed where so many others have failed or given up?

Simple. You are NOT going to do what they did.

Instead, you’re going to use simple Forex trading based on a strategically designed trading approach you can actually trade in the real world… even with a busy schedule.

Here is how “PMTW Forex Trading” is designed for the highest possibility of success…

100% Rules Based Trading

The thought of becoming a successful Forex trader might seem overwhelming at first. But trading Forex successfully can be shockingly easy.

It depends which path you take.

Path 1 

Try to become the embodiment of a “trader” by learning everything there is to know about trading Forex and then practicing for decades to develop superior trading skills that allow you to make profitable trading decisions.

Path 2 

Follow a 100% rules based trading approach strategically designed to put the odds in your favor and capture trades with high profit potential.


It’s true, you could become a successful trader on Path 1, although unlikely. But Path 2 is by far a simpler, faster shortcut to Forex trading success.

Your only task is to follow a set of simple rules. There are no “decisions” to make and your success is not based on superior knowledge, experience or skill.

If you can follow instructions… you can trade Forex successfully.

Strategically Planned Trading Approach

Strategic planning is better than skill.


We use time tested trading approaches that lead to high probability, high profit potential trades over the long term.

Success comes from following strict trading rules that puts the odds in our favor… and not by following the whims of a trader trying to guess what the market is about to do.

Successful Forex trading is a numbers game… and this strategy is designed to put the numbers in our favor.

*Focus On Risk To Reward*
This Is The KEY

Risk to reward ratio is the most important factor for Forex trading success.

“You should always be able to find something where you can skew the reward risk relationship so greatly in your favor that you can take a variety of small investments with great reward risk opportunities that should give you minimum drawdown pain and maximum upside opportunities.” – Paul Tudor Jones

We only place trades with the potential of making MULTIPLE TIMES the risk..


And here is an added benefit a lot of traders don’t understand. The higher the risk to reward ratio, the lower the win rate can be while STILL being profitable.

A 1 to 3 risk to reward ratio ONLY needs a 25% win rate to be profitable
A 1 to 5 risk to reward ratio ONLY needs a 16% win rate to be profitable
A 1 to 10 risk to reward ONLY needs a 9% win rate to be profitable

Trading with a high risk to reward ratio and capturing big moves puts the odds of success in your favor.  This is the key to Forex success that eludes many traders trying to do it on their own.


And, what happens when you get a win rate over 50%?
That’s right…
You profit potential skyrockets.


By focusing on high risk to reward ratio trades and “skewing the reward ratio relationship so greatly in our favor”, we not only boost our potential profit per trade… but make it easier to be a successful trader as well. 

That’s a win-win situation for any trader

Currency Pair Selection

We focus on the currency pairs that historically have had big moves.

Characters of two businessmen exchanging currency illustration

As we just stated, trading with a high risk to reward ratio is key to our success because it puts the odds in our favor. Therefore, we need to focus on currency pairs which our trading strategy can identify big market moves. You cannot just widen your profit targets and turn a losing strategy into a winning one.

We trade currency pairs frequently have large swings in the market which makes using a high risk to reward ratio possible.

This is why we focus on these currency pairs.

I mean, if we are going to put our money to work… why not focus on the currency pairs with the highest risk to reward possible? That is exactly why we trade currency pairs that fit our high risk to reward trading approach.

Set & Forget Trading Style

High profit potential Forex trading in as little as 1 minute a day.

Too often, Forex traders forget this simple truth:

If you cannot trade consistently over the long term… you won’t be able to follow the rules correctly and get the results you deserve. Trying to trade lower time frames and watch the market 24 hours a day always leads to missed trades and mismanaged trades, no matter how hard you try.

Our once a day, set and forget style means there are no missed or mismanaged trades. Your trading activities are limited to around 5PM New York Time and can be completed in mere minutes so you can go back to your busy life.

In short… You Can Do This.


No Special Skills Necessary

Newcomers can tap into the huge profit potential of the Forex market
without spending decades honing their trading skills.


By making the trading more about rules and following instructions, there are only a few things you need to know how to do:

  1. Place a trade using the correct lot size, stop loss and take profit. (I provide scripts for this purpose that makes placing trades drag-and-drop simple)
  2. Move the stop loss to breakeven or to lock in profit. (Again, drag-and-drop simple)
  3. Manually close a trade. (As simple as clicking a button)

    By simply following rules and instructions, the “skill” level for successful trading is dramatically reduced.  You only need to be able to perform the trading activities, which are easy to learn.

    Profitable Forex Trading Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

    Putting your money to work to make more money is a good idea. Trading Forex to increase your profit potential and beat other investment opportunities so you can make up for lost time is a better idea. But you might be thinking, “This all sounds too simple to be profitable, right?”

    Well, you’re in for a surprise. Simple Forex trading in as little as 1 minute a day CAN be extraordinarily profitable.

    With the PMTW Full Access Pass you get MULTIPLE ways to put money to work with high profit potential:

    -Want to just follow the exact same trades I’m taking in the market? Simply follow the simple instructions sent directly to your Inbox @ 6 PM New York time.

    -Interested in exploring the exciting Cryptocurrency Market with high profit potential? Follow simple instructions to buy Crypto, or follow the Crypto Signals sent in the signals email once a day @ 5 PM New York Time.

    -Want to become an Independent trader by using an easy to learn and simple to trade strategy designed by me? Go through The P.R.O.F.I.T. Protocol to learn how to trade one of my rules based strategies with confidence.

    Or do all 3… follow the signals, invest and trade Crypto and learn how to trade on your own. To learn more about each option, check this out…

    Put Money To Work
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    Be A Hero To Your Future Self

    You can’t go back in time and put money to work to outperform other investment opportunities and accumulate wealth faster. But you CAN do something TODAY to make up for lost time and secure your financial future.


    Learn how to put money to work with extraordinary profit potential to make up for lost time, accumulate wealth faster and secure your financial future.

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    High Profit Potential Forex Signals You Can Actually Follow

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    To Your Wealth,
    Edward Lomax