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How To Install The Metatrader4 Platform

How To Install The Metatrader4 Platform The Way I Do In Preparation For Multiple Account Trading At The Same Broker

metatrader4 platform

I personally use the Metatrader4 platform for all my trading activities. The MT4 trading platform is the most popular and freely available platform, and most brokers make it available. I’ve never found a reason to change to a different platform.

Installation of the MT4 platform is very simple. But I want to go over some specific details on how I install the platform.

You see, I trade one account per currency pair I am trading. That means I need to have VARIOUS trading platforms on my computer from the same broker. I am not simply trading one account and placing all my trades on this account… Therefore, I like to have various MT4 platforms.

You’ll need to download the Metatrader4 platform from the specific broker you are using.

From inside your broker account, you need to find the download link for the Metatrader4 platform. This will download the Metatrader4 Installer for your broker.

I personally use MT4 (Metatrader4), and it works perfectly. The easiest way to see how I install the MT4 platform is to watch me do it.

Here is a video explaining exactly what I do. (It is important to do things the way I do, especially if you are going to be trading multiple accounts with the same broker in the future).


You should now know how to install the Metatrader4 platform on your computer.

NOTES: Here are some important things you need to remember when installing the Metatrader4 platform

RENAME YOUR PLATFORM: If you are following the same plan I lay out, you are going to be trading multiple accounts. These multiple accounts might be with the same broker.

So, to make this simple and keep things compartmentalized, you should install 1 trading account per account.

Therefore, you need to NAME your platforms and desktop icons differently. This could be as simple as Account 1, Account 2, Account 3, etc.

Remember to:

  • Click on the Configuration Button and name each platform something different.
  • When you close the platform, change the name of the Desktop Icon.

It is very important that you follow these steps if you are going to be using multiple MT4 trading platforms on the same computer.

DETACH THE TERMINAL WINDOW: I like to detach the Terminal Window by Left clicking and holding the button and dragging the window into the open space. It then can resize it and close it.

Removing the Terminal Window gives me more space to see my chart… but more importantly, keeps money out of my decision making process. I only want to make trading decisions based on what I see on the chart.

When I want to see the Terminal Window again, I can click the Terminal icon in the toolbar.

SET PLATFORM FOR AUTO TRADING: I like to set the platform up for autotrading. Click Tools -> Options and then click the tab for Expert Advisors. Click all the boxes on the far left and unclick all the boxes towards the right.

IMPORTANT: If you do not set the platform up for Auto Trading, the SCRIPTS I provide for placing the trades and the Forex Trading Troll I provide for managing trades won’t work.  Make sure the Auto Trading button on the top menu is green.

metatrader4 platform

At this point you can close your platform.

IMPORTANT: Change the name of the Desktop Icon. (If in the future you want to install more platforms from the same broker, you want a Desktop Shortcut for EACH).

Using The Metatrader 4 Platform

If you are following my signals, there is not really all that much you need to know how to do on MT4. Anything you need to do, I’ll explain when going over how to trade the signals or use a trading strategy.

However, if you want to learn more about Metatrader4, here are some links:

Introduction To Metatrader4 - on BabyPips.com

So, now you know how to install your Metatrader4 platform.


To Your Wealth, Edward Lomax

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