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PMTW Signals On Telegram

I’m really pleased with the decision to put all my services and training under one roof… PMTW Full Access Pass. This way, any time I want to improve the service and make it better, I simply add to the growing Member’s Area.

Now is one of those times.

PMTW subscribers can now get PMTW Signals on Telegram through the App on their mobile phone or Desktop. Every time a trading action is taken on my trading accounts, a message is automatically sent to the corresponding Telegram signals channel.

This is an additional tool signal followers can use to make trading the signals easier and help ensure there are no missed or mismanaged trades.

2 Signal Delivery Methods To Choose From… Or Do Both

PMTW Signals are specifically designed to be easy to follow in only a few minutes a day. Signals are delivered in an email at around the same time every trading day.

Crypto Signals:
Signals email comes out between 5 PM and 5:20 PM New York Time, 7 days a week.

Forex Signals: Signals email comes out between 6 PM and 6:20 PM New York Time, Sunday - Thursday.

These emails will continue to be sent with snapshots of my charts which include instructions on what to do for the day (if any action was taken).


I still believe this visual way of delivering the signals is best, because the signal follower can see what is happening on my charts and simply follow the written instructions.

With the addition of PMTW signals on Telegram, subscribers now have the added option to get messages sent to their Telegram App every time an action is taken on my accounts. This is an example of the type of Telegram message they can receive:

The good thing about these messages are they are immediate and automatic. Any action on my trading accounts are sent to the correct Telegram Signals Channel on autopilot.

Recommended Use Of PMTW Signals On Telegram

I still believe opening the signals email and looking at the snapshot provided is the best way to trade the signals. The visual nature of following instructions written directly on the chart makes it easier to follow the signals without making mistakes (in my opinion).

However, I think getting PMTW Signals on Telegram can be a valuable addition as an EARLY WARNING SYSTEM.

Let me explain…

Any time something happens on my trading accounts, a message is automatically sent out to the corresponding Telegram signals channel. This can give you a heads up that something is going on that day, or you need to take some kind of action.

If I place a trade… you get a message. This way you know to expect trading instructions in the signals email.

If the stop loss is moved… you get a message.

If you are using the Forex Trading Troll I provide, you’ll know an action has been taken. And if you are not using the Troll, you’ll know you should probably open your trading platform and take action.

If partial profits are taken… you get a message. You’ll know you probably made some money.

If the trade is manually closed… you get a message. This way you know there will be trade management instructions in the email.

If the target is hit… you get a message. These are the best messages to get.

And lastly, if the stop loss is hit… you get a message. Sadly, losing trades from time to time are unavoidable.

I don’t look at setting up PMTW Signals on Telegram as a replacement for the signals email. However, it can be a great early warning system to alert you that something is going on, and you may need to take action on your account.

So think of this as an added layer of transparency that allows the signal follower to be notified IN REAL TIME every time something happens on my trading accounts.

For example, I woke up today and was treated to these messages:

FSBO Partial Profit Signals:


This means the stop loss was modified. My stop for the trade was moved to Breakeven +2 Pips. I have this done on autopilot using the trade management tool I provide (Forex Trading Troll).
No risk on the trade… hurray.


This means partial profits were taken @+153 Pips.
Again, I used the trade management tool provided (Forex Trading Troll) to do this on autopilot.
Half my position was closed and I banked some profits already. Made money and in a no risk trade for the rest… hurray.

So, before I even turned my computer on, I knew the trades I took the day before were going in my favor… and I already made some money.

Anyway, now all PMTW Full Access Pass members can now get PMTW Signals on Telegram.

My recommendation is to use BOTH the Telegram Messages and The Emails to follow and trade the PMTW Signals.  (You can get messages for both partial profits and single target signals).

If you are already a member, full instructions are now available inside the Member’s Area.

PMTW Full Access Pass

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