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The Top 4 Benefits Of Using A Virtual Private Server (VPS) When Trading Forex
Virtual Private Server VPS

There are some things you simply must have in order to trade Forex to accumulate wealth faster than other investment opportunities. A Forex broker and trading platform like Metatrader4 come to mind.

But I would like to add 1 more essential component to your Forex trading infrastructure… a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

There simply are too many benefits to using a Virtual Private Server to ignore.

Using a Virtual Private Server (VPS) makes your Forex trading simpler and more efficient, proves you are serious about Forex trading, allows you to use Forex tools and enables the use of automated Forex signals.

Let’s go over the top 4 benefits of using a Virtual Private Server (VPS) in more detail.

First off, what is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

A Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine, much like your computer, that operates on the server of a hosting company. Think of it as a personal computer hosted directly on a server that is running and connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

From your personal computer, you can connect to the VPS. When you connect, it looks very much like your desktop on your computer, only it is hosted at the server level.

Using a Virtual Private Server allows us as Forex traders to install our trading platforms on the VPS desktop, and keep them running and connected 24/7 without having to have our personal computer running.

This produces an excellent trading environment because you can keep all your trading platforms open and running. That way, when you want to check the charts, you simply login to your VPS, and check all the platforms that are already connected.

I personally use the free Metatrader4 platform. And I trade multiple trading accounts on separate MT4 platforms. By using the VPS, I can have all my platforms open and ready for trading.

I believe this to be a much simpler and more efficient way of trading. Basically, I don’t waste a lot of time opening and setting up my trading environment.

This is the most obvious benefit of using a Virtual Private Server. Now let’s look at a benefit that is not as obvious (but very important).

Using A Virtual Private Server (VPS) Proves You’re Serious About Forex Trading

You have probably heard this a thousand times… 80% to 90% of people who try to trade Forex lose money.

Now, I know that might make Forex trading seem scary. But the truth is, it only shows that you're going to have to take your Forex trading SERIOUSLY.

Think about it…

How many people who dreamed of becoming a Black Belt actually put in the time and effort to actually become a Black Belt?
Not many, right?

So, when something has a low success rate, it only means that you are going to have to do what most people won’t, in order to be successful.

What I think is happening with Forex is… people get involved because they heard they can get rich quick and they decided to give it a “try”. Then, oh no, it turned out to be harder than they expected and they lost money… so they decide to quit all together.
Trading Forex profitably does not have to be difficult. You can simply copy what I’m doing, or copy my trades on autopilot. But no matter how you go about trading Forex… you must take it SERIOUSLY.

By getting a Virtual Private Server, you are showing you are serious about your Forex trading
. You are showing you are committed to Forex trading over the long term… and therefore, want the best trading infrastructure possible.

Best Forex VPS Hosting

  • Uninterrupted, 24/7 Forex Trading
  • Stable Windows VPS with blazing-fast SSD drive
  • 14+ Worldwide VPS locations
  • Low latency - Choose location nearest to your broker
  • Fully Scalable - run multiple trading terminals


Not only does getting a VPS show you are serious, but it opens up the possibility to simplify and improve your trading performance.

Using A Virtual Private Server (VPS) Allows You To Use Forex Trading Tools

There are many tools you can use for Metatrader4 that can help improve your Forex trading. But most of these tools need your trading platform to be running and connected to the Internet in order to work properly.

Instead of keeping your personal computer on and connected to the Internet 24/7, using a Virtual Private Server is the better option. By placing your trading platforms on the VPS, you can use these tools uninterrupted.

Here are some tools I use:

Forex Trading Troll:
The Forex Trading Troll is a tool I developed to help automate many of the trading activities. For example, you can use the Troll to take Partial Profits at a certain level, as well as trail the stop loss to remove risk or lock in profits. By using the Troll, I rest easy knowing that if the market moves a certain way, the trading action I want performed at certain levels will be done on autopilot. I use the Forex Trading Troll in my own trading, and therefore provide this trading tool as part of the PMTW Full Access Pass.

Related Content: Trading PMTW Forex Signals With The Forex Trading Troll

Double In A Day EA: The Double In A Day EA (DIAD) is a Forex trading tool that can be used to place and manage trades by adding to your positions. This allows you to get more profits from the same market move.

While the trading tool can live up to its name, doubling your account in one day (or one trade), I think it is best used in more condervative ways. For example, you can set it up to capture 8 TIMES the risk, when the market only moves 5 times the risk.

Both these tools simplify your trading and can potentially increase your profits. And using these tools require your platforms to be running and connected to the Internet… which using a VPS allows you to do without keeping your computer on 24/7.

Using A Virtual Private Server (VPS) Enables The Use Of Automated Forex Signals

Did you know you can get Forex signals from proven Forex signals providers directly from your Metatrader4 platform? Basically, you can set up your account to receive signals on autopilot.

However, again, in order for your platform to receive the signals and trade them properly, your platform has to be running and connected to the Internet. And, again, using a Virtual Private Server is the best way to accomplish this.

I personally offer 2 trade copy options. If you cannot join the broker I use to get the signals at the broker level, you can get them through your Metatrader4 platform. If you go this route, I highly recommend using a VPS so you don’t miss any trades or trade management actions.

PMTW Trade Copy

PMTW Trade Copy

100% Hands Free, Set-And Forget Copy Trading Directly From My Accounts To Yours.

For those that don’t have the time or desire to place and manage trades manually… now you can copy my trades on autopilot.


Virtual Private Server (VPS) Conclusion

While using a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is not 100% essential to trade Forex, like a broker account and trading platform… in my opinion, it is pretty close.

The truth is, I personally use a VPS to host all my trading platforms. That way, when it is trading time, I connect from my personal computer to my VPS and everything is running and ready to go.

Using a VPS also allows me to use trading tools like the Forex Trading Troll and Double In A Day EA, which simplifies my trading and provides advanced money management options.

Plus, for me, using a VPS allows me to offer a trade copy option for people who want to copy my trades on autopilot.

I view a VPS as essential. And if you are serious about Forex trading, I believe you should too.

Best Forex VPS Hosting

  • Uninterrupted, 24/7 Forex Trading
  • Stable Windows VPS with blazing-fast SSD drive
  • 14+ Worldwide VPS locations
  • Low latency - Choose location nearest to your broker
  • Fully Scalable - run multiple trading terminals


See everything I’m doing to accumulate wealth faster and secure my financial future here: Put Money To Work

To Your Wealth,
Edward Lomax

Disclaimer: Ever since you got your first coin and could decide what to do with it, you became your own money manager. I am not your financial advisor, but you can learn from my example and do your own research. Some posts may contain affiliate links, where at no cost to you, I may receive a small compensation

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