Put Money To Work

The Wealthy Don’t Live Paycheck To Paycheck… And Neither Should You!

My plan for lifelong financial security is so simple (yet powerful), I can sum it up in just a few words: Put Money To Work

Put Money To Work

Why You Need To Put Money To Work
With High Profit Potential To Accumulate
Wealth Faster Than Other Investment Opportunities

Scalable Wealth Plan

Low Time Commitment

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From The Desk Of Edward Lomax
RE: Why investing is not optional…

I know you are busy, so I’ll get right to the point.

If you want a secure financial future,
you simply MUST put money to work to make more money.

Working harder and longer while simultaneously making difficult sacrifices so you have a little money left over to SAVE for your future is not working.

To put yourself on the path that leads to a secure financial future you need to take a page from the “Wealthy Playbook” and put your money to work by investing.

“Put Money To Work” (Investing) Is The Answer

I think this ad for the 1973 Joe Karbo book sums the situation up beautifully...

Put Money To Work

Read that over a few times and you’ll see some real wisdom there.

You see, most people make a living by exchanging their time for money. They have the knowledge and ability to do something… and they do that something for a certain number of hours in exchange for a wage.

Unfortunately for most people, the wage they earn is only enough to pay the monthly bills (if you’re lucky). And living paycheck to paycheck is NOT a path that leads to lifelong financial security.

To make matters worse, things now are a lot worse than in 1973 when Joe Karbo wrote his book about investing.

The Numbers Don’t Look Good

Here are some depressing numbers for you to ponder.

According to a recent study by CareerBuilder:

     -78% of full-time workers said they live paycheck to paycheck
-56% of all U.S. workers say that they’re in debt over their heads

I’m sure this situation is similar or worse in other countries. Therefore, it is safe to say MOST workers are either struggling to get by, or being crushed by debt, with no end in sight.

This means ZERO money left over to save and invest. It’s clear the vast majority of people are living hand to mouth without a plan to accumulate the wealth they need for a secure, comfortable and independent future.

And believe me, financial security is not going to happen by accident. You are going to have to DO something in order to get the future life you desire.

How The Financial Outlook Of Most People Got So Bad
- And Why It’s So Hard To Have Money Left Over

I probably don’t need to tell you that it is really hard to get to the end of the month with money left over. It seems it takes every penny (and then some), just for the necessities of life.

But WHY is it so hard to have any money left over for the vast majority of people?

I didn’t want this page to get too long, so I made a video on this topic… please watch.

The bottom line: For 90% of the population, the economic system works against us and makes it extremely challenging to make enough money to accumulate wealth.

I know, a lot of people in the “personal finance” sector want to blame YOU… saying the reason you don’t have any money left over is because you buy expensive coffee or are not frugal enough.

But as the video explained, that is not really what is going on.

The bad news: I don’t see the economic realities changing for the better any time soon.

The good news:
There is something you can do to help level the economic playing field.

Look, I get it. It is going to be challenging to get started in the beginning. The video explained why it is so hard and getting harder.

But there really is no alternative opportunity that has the potential to turn your financial situation around so you can accumulate enough wealth to be financially secure in the future.

You simply MUST put money to work.

So, the two biggest challenges we face from all this are…

-----1. Since it is so hard to have any money left over, we probably have not been saving or investing at all up to this point and are getting a late start.
-----2. We are going to struggle to get any money left over to invest, meaning we are going to be starting with lower investment capital.

And in my opinion, the only way to make up for lost time while starting with lower investment capital is to make higher than average returns on our investments.

My Plan To Make Up For Lost Time
By Focusing On High Profit Potential Investing

It’s sad, but by the time most people figure out “working harder” and “saving more” is not going to give them the financial security they so desperately desire… it is already too late.

Let’s check the numbers of some common investment opportunities compared to the rate of inflation…

Average Inflation Rate: +3.15% since 1913 (inflationdata.com). Ideally, you would want to beat this.

Average Savings Account Interest Rates: +0.09% (FDIC). If you are lucky and know where to look, you can get a savings account with 2% interest.

Average Mutual Fund Over 7 Major Categories: 6%-7% average annualized return (Thebalance.com)

Average 5-year CD: Under 2% for most of the last 10 years. (Thebalance.com)

Average Ten-Year Treasuries: 2.66% over the last 10 years. (Thebalance.com)

10-year annualized return on real estate investments: 3.45%, as measured by the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller U.S. National Home Price NSA Index.

See what I mean? Pretty mediocre returns. And a lot of these investment options don’t even beat inflation.

What banks and financial advisors pedal as investment opportunities are only going to make a difference if…

-----A. You have 40 years before you need your money, or
B. You ALREADY have a lot of money to invest

The truth is, to accumulate any meaningful wealth with the above returns you probably should have been investing DECADES ago.

Look, I’m not going to lie. Any investing at this point is better than no investing. But these mediocre returns are not going to get you very far.

The point is this…

If you’ve recognized investing is the key to wealth but are getting a late start, you’ll need to invest with the highest profit potential possible.

Luckily, I’ve figured out a way to trade Forex in only minutes a day with the potential to outperform other investment opportunities, which is exactly what I was looking for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a lot of money to start?

NO. While it does “take money to make money”, you can get started with a low starting investment. There are no extremely high thresholds to meet like other investment alternatives.

Will I become a Millionaire in a month?
Of course not. The goal is to outperform other investment opportunities, and as you’ll see, this is definitely possible. But I am not claiming you can take $100 and turn it into a million in a month or anything ridiculous like that. As with any investment opportunity, past performance does NOT guarantee future results.
Is this investment approach scalable?

Absolutely. As a matter of fact, scaling your investments and creating multiple income streams is a major part of the plan. You can start small and grow your investments over time.

Please don’t write this off.

Even if you’ve never had a desire to trade Forex, or worse, you tried and failed before… you’ll want to check this out.

I understand, trading Forex in a few minutes a day and getting impressive results might seem too good to be true. So, please check out the next page where I explain why this way of trading can outperform other investment opportunities.

How We Get Extraordinary Results ->

Be A Hero To Your Future Self

You can’t go back in time and put money to work to outperform other investment opportunities and accumulate wealth faster. But you CAN do something TODAY to make up for lost time and secure your financial future.

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